The prince fought valiantly.
He slayed the dragon.
The princess cried for days.
She loved that dragon.
― The stories fairytales don’t tell (via shy-fawn)

I gathered my things
and went down to the sea
not much to bring
just myself and my fatal

feeling the sting
of northern waves and arctic breeze
when your rocky shores
are swallowing me
I have no warmth to sing

You see, I cannot end
what I never begin
and so songs were sung
of water in my lungs
the icy depths seep in

when they recover my body
and my clothes are wrung
and all my sadness
devoid of any meaning

every rhyme and idea forlorn
to you i give
an empty memory for keeping
hardly here when I lived
please, love me when I am gone

for I am not dead
just think of me
in the hours before cold dawn
peacefully dreaming
and drifting on

Time is but brief stage
we wait every waking day
finding ways to come back
from yesterday

With affection for my bones
in the words you say
mirrors only ever remind me
of how much i loathe this face

If not anything else i’ve found you
i just cant decide if you dull
or increase the pain
Life is an Echo. What you send out comes back. What you sow, you reap. What you give, you get. What you see in others, exists in you.
― Zig Ziglar (via shortstackphotos)
what i never
from my mother
was that
just because someone desires you
not mean they value you.
desire is the kind of thing that
eats you
leaves you starving.
― The Color of Low Self Esteem (Nayyirah Waheed)
I have been told sometimes the most healing thing we can do is remind ourselves over and over and over other people feel this too.
― Andrea Gibson (via rlyrlyugly)
If someone told me that I could live my life again free of depression provided I was willing to give up the gifts depression has given me—the depth of awareness, the expanded consciousness, the increased sensitivity, the awareness of limitation, the tenderness of love, the meaning of friendship, the apreciation of life, the joy of a passionate heart—I would say, ‘This is a Faustian bargain! Give me my depressions. Let the darkness descend. But do not take away the gifts that depression has dredged up from the deep ocean of my soul and strewn along the shores of my life. I can endure darkness if I must; but I cannot lie without these gifts. I cannot live without my soul.’
―  David Elkins (via fortheloveof-ephemeral)
I like to kiss you
during the darkest
hours of the night
when you are turning
over with distress -
due to your
nightmares -
so you know
that someone,
still loves you
when you are off
fighting dragons
and driving cars
with no brakes,
while all of your
teeth fall out,
― While you’re dreaming - Julian Budani (via tha2-er)